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DIY Business Startup Course

DIY Business Startup Course

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Have you had a business idea for awhile and are just not sure where to start?

Are you a self-starter but also juggling other work commitments and responsibilities?

Don't miss your chance to become a trailblazing entrepreneur and lead the way in the modern business landscape. Our self-paced course empowers you to take control of your future, stay ahead of the competition, and make your dreams a reality.
After decades of working with so many eager, new entrepreneurs and seasoned CEOs, I have created the perfect online course to guide you to the finish line. This self-paced program will help you plan, organize and execute your new business, whether it is home-based, brick-and-mortar or online, this course will help you get and stay organized, provide all the tools to help you work smarter not harder, and teach the basics of AI and automation for your business!

Already have a business? No problem, you will learn some AMAZING organizational and productivity tools to gain better control over your time, efficiencies and employees! Or better yet, skip the course lineup and book a consulting call to determine where and what can be improved in YOUR current business today!

What does Automation in business mean?

It means I will share the productivity tools the master business owners are already using to free up time, make you more efficient and lessen your workload. You will be AMAZED at what AI has done for business owners! 

What else does this course offer?

  • 25+ years of ACTUAL award-winning business excellence 
  • Startup regulatory tips for your business type (USA & Canada)
  • Prep for tax and business license compliances
  • Marketing & Branding guide
  • Research & Positioning your brand
  • Pricing and scalability
  • Timeline & planning to launch (and quit your day job!)
  • Digital materials to download and use on your schedule
  • Approximately 6 weeks to finish the course
  • Unlimited access to materials, no time limit
  • Promo codes for one-on-one Business Coaching at 25% off!

This ultimate self-paced, at-home digital business course is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs like you! We will walk you through, from idea to planning to giving your notice at your day job! How good would that feel, to take control of your future and do something you love every single day!

Why Should You Unlock YOUR Entrepreneurial Potential with Our Comprehensive Digital Business Course?

Launch Your Dream Business: Turn your business dreams into reality with expert guidance, step-by-step strategies, and real-world experience and insights.

Embrace the Power of AI & Automation: Gain a competitive edge by mastering the art of AI and automation, automating your tasks and supercharging your efficiency.

Modern Business: Learn the cutting-edge techniques and trends that drive success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Join a Thriving Community: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts to network, collaborate, and share experiences.

Business Blueprint: Craft a solid plan that sets the foundation for your success.

Automation: Harness the potential of artificial intelligence to streamline operations.

Marketing Magic: Develop a winning marketing strategy to engage your target audience.

Tech Tools & Resources: Discover the latest digital tools and resources to boost your productivity.

Launch & Scale: Learn how to launch your business and scale it up effectively.

Strategies for Success: Benefit from insider tips and strategies from an industry expert, not just a sales person!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of modern business, automation, and AI?  Take the first step towards your entrepreneurial journey - enroll now!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  Our *NEW* Course launch date is November 15, 2023

SIGNUP now and receive one FREE hour of Business Coaching to use at any time during the next 12 months!

*******A HUGE Thank You to our current business clients who participated in the test run of this course this Fall. Your input was incredibly valuable and we look forward to watching you grow your businesses!


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