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Business Coach vs. Consultant

What is the difference between a Coach and a Consultant?

There are differing views on this question. My take on it is quite simple, I see a Coach as somebody who is championing you towards the finish line. With decades of business experience, I help you discover hurdles, blind spots or plain old fashioned procrastination. Together we determine what needs to be fixed, tweaked or polished and we work towards it, TOGETHER.  You dig in, roll up your sleeves and do the necessary work to achieve your goals.


A consultant will help you uncover blind spots and areas that need attention but they too will roll up their sleeves and dig in, BUT the difference is you are hiring them to actually DO the work, hence a much higher fee.



Do I offer consulting services?

Yes, I can quote on specific projects if you want to out source or delegate some of the work load.

Do you charge by the hour for Coaching or Consulting?

No, I charge a flat monthly fee for Coaching, from a 3 tiered pricing program depending on the size of the business and scope of the business needs.

For consulting, I charge based on the project scope. Once we determine what needs to be done, I will quote a flat fee for the project. No hidden fees or surprises on the final invoice.

Is Coaching For You?

Coaching helps you figure out what your goals are, your aspirations and then through working calls, the coach helps you design, plan and take the strategic steps necessary to achieve those goals.


Are you already in business?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you see the end goal but lack vision to get there?
  • Do you feel like you are missing skills or direction?
  • Are you a master procrastinator?

If you answered yes to ANY of these, chances are a Coach will be a huge plus in your life and your desire to get unstuck. What would it feel like to work smarter, not harder? My clients get crystal clear on what they really want and we make a plan and we execute! Does that fit your life goals?


This takes guts—you are going to accomplish a TON! We will work hard but also have fun doing it!  There needs to be both accountability AND joy in the process. Once the momentum starts, you will find it gets addictive, checking off your tasks and steps....inching you closer to your goals.

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Take The Quiz & See!

Answer the following questions, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "No" and 5 being "Yes".

🔲 Have I lost the ability to leave work "at work"??
🔲  Are you feeling overwhelmed with daily and monthly obligations?
🔲  Am I guilty of being stuck in self-defeating behavior and processes?
🔲  Can I commit to doing weekly calls and homework from my coach?
🔲  Is my business running me ( as opposed to me managing it?)
🔲  Am I stagnating because of my lack of experience?
🔲  Do I feel ready to get motivated and take myself and my business upward?
🔲  Does the idea of having a coach help you refocus excite you?

    What's Your Score?

    If your score is:

    8-19: You're ready to create the life you want but perhaps feel safe where you are. The idea of a coach feels foreign but you are ready to consider it.

    20-29: You are proud of your accomplishments but you also know you have your limitations., A coach at this point is exactly what you need to get you to the next level of work and life balance.

    30-40: You are actively pursuing your goals and dreams and are acutely aware that a coach can help you realign your goals, dig you out of your blind spots and help you move across the finish line!

    Recent Coaching Client Stories


    Working with this client, we focussed on getting technical skills up to market speed. Being an artist, she had zero experience in computers, but a solid business taking off, therefore she needed direction:

    • business and technology skills
    • business planning/forecasting
    • bringing website inhouse- building and maintenance
    • Marketing and strategy
    • Product pricing, inventory organization and more.
    We worked on creative ways to attract customers, source influencers, and expand her line. She re-launched with a beautiful website and is now proudly selling all over North America and Europe.




    I worked with this fabulous, energetic woman on 3 rebranding projects for her diverse company.

    We started with:

    • Full Branding Guide for all 3 companies
    • Separated business streams
    • Logo creation, brand colors, marketing voice and strategy
    • We worked together to create an on-brand line of new products, a new outdoor business venture and and a full self-care service menu for her new Air BnB "experience" business. 



    This client literally travels the globe sourcing exotic and wild crafted ingredients for his incredibly successful apothecary business. He was selling on Etsy and doing incredibly well, however, his business was running him as opposed to thte other way around. He had the entrepreneurial dream, a thriving business growing at warp speed BUT he had not built a solid foundation for his core business and he was losing control of the details. Together we worked on basic business processes, brought his business into the electronic world of spreadsheets, taught him how to use spreadsheets for sales, revenue tracking, forecasting, and trained his staff on a new software program to track his fast growing production facility.

    Together we:

    • created employee profiles,/job descriptions and accountability plans
    • HR processes
    • Full Branding Guide
    • Set up month-end/year-end processes
    • Helped with in-depth insurance policy sourcing/negotiating
    This allowed him time to focus on assessing his product lines, delegation of tasks, forecasting, strategy and growth.




    This fresh new line of kids clothing was in the design phase and needed to get really organized really quickly. 

    • Created a full Branding Guide
    • Worked on textile labelling and compliance
    • Communications and negotiations with manufacturing companies
    • Worked on drop-shipping vs in-house production planning
    • Timeline planning for production and market readiness
    • Marketing & Strategy
    • Focus group organization and technology for reporting results


    Why Is A Business Coach So Valuable?

    Business coaching takes our entrepreneurial spirit on a transformational journey, where innovation meets experience, and your business growth begins!

    Leah, your business coach brings three decades of accolades and triumphs in the business world, having personally launched and grown several multi-million-dollar ventures. In a digital age brimming with trends, it's essential to have a mentor who can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape with seasoned, hands-on expertise.

    Whether you're a startup maverick or a small business enthusiast, Leah's insights will guide you through the twists and turns of entrepreneurship. Make your mark and discover how the power of real life business experience can help propel your business endeavours to new heights.

    in short, a Business Coach is a LIFE experienced professional with a very successful business career behind them. This makes them an ideal candidate to offer intelligent and seasoned advice specific to YOU and your business.

    Get on your path to entrepreneurial excellence - be the star of your own success story!

    Book your Discovery Call today!

    Are you inspired, driven & ready to get successful?

    You already have the passion that inspired your business, whether you are looking for growth, to sell or move to the next level, let's hone in on the key areas to create a tangible, measurable, scalable success story by:

    ◽ Assessing Business Strategies

    ◽ Creating Month End/Year End Processes & Overall Management

    ◽ Defining & Creating Job Roles

    ◽ Finding Blind Spots & Pivoting

    ◽ Ensuring Scalable Growth Planning

    ◽ Product Development, labelling, packaging compliance

    ◽ Prepare for selling, create SOPs and a plan

    Client Testimonial


    Leah started working with us while we were still in the proto-type phase. She was super enthusiastic, creative and very experienced in providing insight to help us get our invention to market!

    We had a very successful product launch, and even ended up being on Dragon's Den! And yes, we were offered a deal on air (that's a whole other story) and since then, we have exploded into stores like Amazon, Lee Valley, and Canadian Tire to name a few. We have been featured on air on TV breakfast shows, talk shows and so much more!

    Leah is a seasoned pro who thrives on helping others succeed, we definitely recommend her amazing business consulting and coaching!

    Jen Pratt

    Co-Founder, Seeding Square

    Check out Seeding Square!

      " Leah Chevallier was outstanding. Her creativity, enthusiasm and dedication was amazing and was the backbone to developing
      a very successful marketing campaign strategy. In short, her contribution was one of the key elements in our overall success.  I encourage anyone to consider engaging her services!"

      ~Peter Fassbender, 
      Mayor Of Langley, B.C.

      BC Minister of Education


      "Leah pioneered the evolution of baby retail in Canada from mediocre to what it is today.

      She was first to market with new products and services and literally shaped the retail landscape for juvenile in Canada with her chain of high-end baby stores.  

      She has her finger on the pulse of business in Canada and is incredibly driven, capable and successful!"

      ~Robert Dipede,
      Avent AMERICA Vice President

      Born Free Canada Vice President


      "Leah has been an amazing help while we've been relaunching our business. She has been resourceful, consistent, accountable, and clear the whole way through. She deals with crises like a true professional and helped us navigate several serious issues that came up with outside suppliers. She is caring, has solid business values, and a seasoned approach to business building. Her hands-on business experience was extremely valuable in our growth process and I strongly recommend Leah for your business consultancy needs."

      -Angela Victory

      Amuletta CEO 

      “Leah has provided me with valuable knowledge and
      insight. Her retail knowledge is
      unsurpassed and her businesses and retail stores always had the latest and greatest products
      before anyone else in the industry across Canada. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Leah as a consultant in the
      Juvenile Product Industry. She’s a gem!” 

      ~Jane Walter
         Organic Kidz -CEO


      “The minute I met Leah I knew that her energy, drive and experience would help me achieve the focus I needed to strengthen my business.
      It didn’t take long when we met for Leah to hone in on the key areas to develop — areas I hadn’t been able to articulate yet. Leah instantly had very clear ideas on how to strengthen my brand, increase my presence in the market and improve the retail experience for my customers.
      Not only did Leah create a strong overarching strategic plan to guide me to the goals, she also provided hands-on technical assistance on several projects.
      Leah is always willing to roll up her sleeves and dive in.
      I continue to work with Leah on projects and as a professional coach and always find working with her energizing and inspiring. She is one in a million!" 

      ~Joanna Schultz,

      Pikanik Creations CEO

      (Gluten-Free Bakery)


      “I’m a big fan of Leah’s. She is one of those rare
      individuals one meets with a vision and an instinct to achieve. Leah’s success
      is not by accident. She has a natural business sense,
      great management skills and a passion for what she is doing. Leah will be
      successful at whatever she puts her mind to.” 

      ~Brian Herauf,
         CentralWeb Colorpress 

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