Answer the following questions, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "No" and 5 being "Yes".

🔲 Have I lost the ability to leave work "at work"??
🔲  Are you feeling overwhelmed with daily and monthly obligations?
🔲  Am I guilty of being stuck in self-defeating behavior and processes?
🔲  Can I commit to doing weekly calls and homework from my coach?
🔲  Is my business running me ( as opposed to me managing it?)
🔲  Am I stagnating because of my lack of experience?
🔲  Do I feel ready to get motivated and take myself and my business upward?
🔲  Does the idea of having a coach help you refocus excite you?

    What's Your Score?

    If your score is:

    8-19: You're ready to create the life you want but perhaps feel safe where you are. The idea of a coach feels foreign but you are ready to consider it.

    20-29: You are proud of your accomplishments but you also know you have your limitations., A coach at this point is exactly what you need to get you to the next level of work and life balance.

    30-40: You are actively pursuing your goals and dreams and are acutely aware that a coach can help you realign your goals, dig you out of your blind spots and help you move across the finish line!

    Does coaching sound right for you?

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