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Subscription: Productivity Hacks & Time Boosters!

Subscription: Productivity Hacks & Time Boosters!

Subscription 1 YEAR
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Learn from a seasoned, award-winning CEO with over 30 years of valuable business accolades, having turned a $2,000 micro loan when she was 27, into several multi-million dollar companies. Decades of retail, manufacturing, importing, franchising, marketing, branding and strategy, with a total of over $30+ million in sales.

Having consulted and coached business owners for over 15 years, Leah is now an avid and in demand business coach who LOVES technology! She is in demand for teaching her incredible business tips and productivity hacks in the business world. Leah took everything she has learned and executed within her own companies from the last 30 years and applied technology to every aspect and channel.

This monthly subscription offers a treasure trove of AI-powered hacks designed to revolutionize your productivity. Whether you're navigating the challenges of self-employment or managing the demands of a 9-5 job, our invaluable insight is tailored to provide you with innovative strategies for organizing, mastering and OFFLOADING your daily tasks using AI and technology.

What you need?

Laptop or desktop and wifi

  A desire to get SUPER organized and reduce time spent on mundane tasks!

 No tech experience or app knowledge needed

 A to do list hat is taking up WAY too much time!

How Membership Works

⭐️ Each week you will receive an email newsletter/tool kit with links to the latest and greatest trending AI apps and software, blog posts or industry hacks.

 ⭐️ You just click and read, follow the steps and/or video, or PDF worksheet to gain a minimum of 2 x AI productivity hacks to use in your business, job or personal life.

⭐️ Each month you will learn and implement a minimum 0f 8-10 new possible tools that will save you TONS of time, organize and help you balance your work, projects, customers, finances, staff and personal life. Regardless of the industry you are in. Who doesn't want less work and more free time?

From expert tips on managing your inbox and crafting effective outgoing emails to exclusive insights on leveraging automation, we ensure you're equipped with cutting-edge tools to make your job up to 30% easier. When you subscribe, you'll receive these invaluable AI hacks directly to your email, empowering you to streamline your workflow and enhance your efficiency. 

With our no-fuss subscription policy, you can access these transformative resources monthly or annually, with the flexibility to cancel anytime before the next billing cycle. Elevate your work life with our AI productivity hacks and experience the ease of smarter working.


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