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Starter Coaching | TIER 1

Starter Coaching | TIER 1

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Whether you are just starting out, do not have any employees and your product, service or idea is just being born,or you are already up and running, this is still a great starting point. A chance to check under the hood to look at current systems, processes, or admin to find pain points, and blind spots or start planning for strategic growth and scaling.

  • Have you automated and brought your business into the technology era?
  • Are your day, week, and month-end procedures in place?
  • Do you have a clear filing and organizational system?
  • Do you know what to print off for record keeping each month?
  • What can you keep in the cloud? What should be printed/hard copies?
  • Do you have clear measurable reporting in place?
  • Do your employees have written job profiles?
  • What is your cash flow? Do you know your projections for next 3 or 5 years?
  • Are you maximizing technology to streamline tasks?

Let's get you launched with all the cogs in place BEFORE you scale up or develop further.  No preparation is needed on your end, just come ready and eager to dive into every area of your business.

Note: You will be required to fill out a Business Profile Questionnaire before the first meeting and full participation from any and all business partners is a must. Your coach will guide you through several key steps to see where your business is currently at and help you determine your next strategy and growth steps.

*Your coach is available for emails, texts, and calls in between your set calls for troubleshooting, quick questions, and of course putting out fires.



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