Holiday buzz or blues?

Holiday buzz or blues?

AUTHOR Leah Chevallier  |  Award winning entrepreneur  |  CEO multi-million dollar start-ups


Does Your Business Take A Backseat During Xmas?

Is your business one that fades to the background during the Christmas holidays? Some businesses like retail and online start to explode those 6-8 weeks leading up to Christmas but what to do if yours is the opposite?

If yes, don't despair! There are things you can do to make the most of your seasonal downtime. And yes, every industry has a downtime just as important to know as your money-making up-time.



Many entrepreneurs see downtime as a waste of time but that is only true if your DON'T use the time wisely. Your off season window is actually a gift from the business universe. Embrace it and get busy getting organized!

  1. Use your downtime to catch up on month-end and year-end responsibilities. Whether that is filing invoices, printing off bank statements, matching off receipts to gas expenditure accounts or just connecting with your accountant and book-keeper to ensure everything is on track for a smooth year end.
  2. Do you own a business that carries inventory? Use December as one of  your inventory count months. Label and organize all stock, materials, shipping materials, packaging, etc. Make sure the numbers are saved to the cloud as well as print off hard copies for accountants.
  3. Do you have employees? If yes, use this time to do your individual performance reviews and get HR up-to-date on any staff promotions, year-end bonuses and staffing changes. 
  4. Plan a Trade-Show Calendar for the upcoming year. Many businesses either present at industry trade shows or attend shows and conferences. Use this time to look at your goals for the upcoming year and source appropriate shows and events that fit your vision. Put them into your calendar early to avoid conflicts at the last minute down the road.
  5. Based on your goals with your coach, start your wish-list research. This is an area that you and your coach will uncover while working together. Your research may pertain to sourcing new suppliers to replace a current one (or to have a backup resource). You may be thinking of out-sourcing some marketing and social media in the new year, now is the time to wrap your head around what roles you need filled and put together your wish-list details now so when the time comes to push the go button, you will be ready with the details.

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